Sign Language

By: Sheryl Balciar
Updated: February 5, 2008

Milk-squeeze hand like milking a cow
Juice-“drink” plus “J”
Water-“W” with forefinger touching chin
Cheese-palms press and twist
Cereal-hand “scoops” from opposite palm to mouth
Noodle-pinkies meet then pull apart
Chocolate-“C” with thumb circling back of hand
Cracker-hand crosses over to opposite elbow and pats
Cookie-hand twists over opposite palm
Fruit-“F” twists at side of mouth
Meat-thumb and forefinger pinch between on fatty part
Vegetable-“V” twists at side of mouth with forefinger touching
Egg-“H” on “H” and then “crack”

Help-fist sits on palm with thumb up; raise both hands up
Eat-fingers and thumb together touching mouth
Drink-“C” reaches mouth like drinking
Stop-hand “slices” opposite palm
Wash-“A” over “A”
Draw-pinkie “draws” on opposite hand
Toilet-“T” shakes
Dance-upside down “V” across palm
Sleep-“5” hand pulls eyes closed; head drops down
Play-“Y” hands shake
Dress-thumbs on chest move down with fingers spread
Read-upside down “V” brushes down on palm
Paint-“U” brushes down on palm
Open-index fingers begin together and move apart leaving palms up
Close-index fingers meet in the middle with palms down

Toy-“play” sign using “T” hands
Ball-fingers touch fingers and thumb touches thumb as in the shape of a ball
Music-hand moves back and forth in crook of arm
Book-hands show the cover of a book opening
Car-hands mimic steering
Train-“U” moves over “U”
Bus-fingerspell b-u-s
Puzzle-down-turned finger manipulates pieces of a puzzle
Movie-palm down, opposite hand waves
Bath-thumbs up with fists rubbing up and down chest
Bead-“F” across neck (like a necklace)
Bed-head rests on one hand
Game-“a” with thumbs up, crash down

Big-hands move apart
Little-hands come together

Mom-“5” with thumb on chin and fingers wiggling
Dad-thumb of open hand taps side of forehead
Boy-hand grasps visor of a cap
Brother-thumb off forehead
Girl-“A” strokes side of chin
Sister-“Girl” changes to “L” and lands on opposite “L”
Friend-forefingers link
Grandma-“Mom” moves outward in small circular movement
Grandpa-“Dad” moves outward in small circular movement
Me-finger points to chest
Mine-palm on chest

Cat-thumb and forefinger create whiskers
Dog-pat your thigh and snap your fingers
Cow-“Y” off side of head
Horse-thumb on head; forefinger and index finger twist down
Pig-hand flaps under chin
Chicken-thumb meets forefinger (like a peck)
Rooster-“3” off top of head
Duck-thumb meets forefinger and index finger
Sheep-scissors cut up arm
Donkey-thumb off head, fingers flap like “bye”
Owl-circle your eyes
Bee-“F” touches cheek (like an insect biting) and then hand brushes it aside
Bird-thumb and forefinger mimic action of bird’s beak
Fish-hand mimics movement of tail
Rabbit-“U” indicates ears; bend fingers back
Bug- “3” near the nose

Red-forefinger drops down over lips
Blue-“B” shakes
Yellow-“Y” shakes
Green-“G” shakes
Orange-squeeze fingers near mouth
Pink-“Red” is made with “P” hand shape
Purple-“P” shakes down
White-“5” hand on chest, pull straight out with fingertips coming together
Brown-“B” down side of face
Black-forefinger draws across forehead

Please-open hand circles over heart
Thank you-hand moves out off chin
More- thumbs and fingers on opposite hands come together
Sorry-“a” hand circles the heart

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