Articulation-Visual/Tactile Cues

                                                               Visual/Tactile Cues
Visual/Tactile Cues

/p/ and /b/ 
finger to lips and then out when it pops (/p/) or bursts (/b/)

rub belly while saying /m/
rub hands together (like warming by a fire) while saying /n/
/t/ and /d/

clap on /t/ or /d/
finger makes a circle in front of lips while saying /w/
one hand on throat, the other in front of mouth to feel the air on /h/
/f/ and /v/
hand to mouth to feel air on /f/ and /v/; hold top lip up if needed
/k/ and /g/

hand to throat on /k/ and /g/

draw snake in air on /s/
make fingers look like a bee and “fly” on /z/

point to top teeth on /l/; hold lips back if needed
hands come up, fingers spread, and growl on /r/; hold lips back
“sh” and “zsh” (as in measure)
finger to lips, like making the “quiet” sound on “sh”
finger to lips, like making “sh,” but then finger comes forward

finger points to tongue sticking out
finger points to tongue on roof of mouth


                                                           Created by: Sheryl Balciar 

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